Solo Exhibition

Auguries of Innocence

Whaam! Gallery
New York

Inspired by the idea of dreams and their meaning in our universe, Teng Yung Han navigates a made-up world in which her drawings exist in the peripheral. She critiques her own persona that she’s cultivated, nuanced by the notion of innocence in a space in which creation is intentional. Similar to the William Blake poem, Teng’s auguries of innocence is the physical embodiment of her own hyper awareness of how she is perceived externally. She curates her own subconscious thoughts through her gel figurines and intricate drawings as time passes and perceptions stay the same.

Teng utilizes the concept of Heta-Uma, which derives from the Japanese idea of being both skillful and unskillful, having taste and a lack thereof simultaneously. She basks in the notion that her work has a quality that makes the viewer itch, despite not exactly understanding what they are seeing in a literal sense. Her collaborative use of illustration and technology give her colorful images and characters a distinctive idiosyncratic look which causes the viewer to question even their own perception of reality, bringing Teng’s to life.